Istighfar – Solution to Every Problem

There are numerous benefits of Istighfar, seeking forgiveness of Allah (s.w.t) and this is not written in any common book, it is written in Allah’s (s.w.t) Qu’ran that he who does Istighfar, Allah (s.w.t) blesses him  with several things.

It is related in Tafsir al Qurtubi that Hasan al-Basri (r.a) was once seated. A man came saying ” O Master, I’m very sinful do tell me an act which I can do to be forgiven”. Hasan al-Basri (r.a) replied, “Go and do Istighfar”.

Second person came and said, ” O Master, for many days rains have stopped and there is drought. Tell me an action through which Allah (s.w.t) will send down rain to us”. Hasan al-Basri (r.a) replied, “Go and do Istighfar”.

Third person came and said, ” I am under a lot of debt. I am working, but please make dua that Allah (s.w.t) give me wealth so I can be saved from debts”. Hasan al-Basri (r.a) replied, “Go and do Istighfar to Allah”

Fourth person came and said, “It is a wish of mine that Allah (s.w.t) give me an offspring. So please make dua that Allah (s.w.t) gives me pious offspring”. Hasan al-Basri (r.a) replied, “Go and do Istighfar”

Fifth person came and said, “I have a orchard please make dua that it gives more fruits, so that the return will be more.” Hasan al-Basri (r.a) replied, ” Go and do Istighfar”

Sixth person came and said, “If I was to get water spring in my house, I will be so pleased”. Shaykh Hasan replied, “Go and do Istighfar”.

Shaykh Hasan al-Basri’s (r.a) disciple, Ibn Sabih (r.a) who was sitting close, was very surprised thinking, “Why is it that Shaykh Hasan al-Basri (r.a) is giving the same solution of Istighfar to whoever comes to him”? So Ibn Sabih (r.a) eventually asked “Why are you giving one response for all the problems”? On hearing this Shaykh Hasan al-Basri (r.a) recited what Allah (s.w.t) said in Qur’an:

Quran 71.10
Quran 71.11
Quran 71.12

…  ‘Ask forgiveness from your Lord; for He is Oft-Forgiving; ‘He will send rain to you in abundance; “‘Give you increase in wealth and sons; and bestow on you gardens and bestow on you rivers (of flowing water). [Qur’an 71:10-12]


In these blessed verses of Qur’an there are so many benefits of istighfar, seeking forgiveness of Allah (s.w.t). This is the solution for many who are distressed. Some are distressed that their children are not pious, some are upset due to lack of offspring, some are upset due to excessive sinning. Some want there to be more increase in their business. Just like a garden gives fruits to sell as commodity, once business is also an analogy to ‘garden’ in this verse.  If we start doing this one act of Istighfar regularly, all of our problems will be solved through this. We won’t need to go to any other person to give us solutions to our problems. This solution is given by Allah through revelation of Qur’an, verily it is the truth from Allah (s.w.t). There is nothing in the word of Allah (s.w.t) except truth. Try it and see the blessings one receives from abundant recitation of Istighfar.

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