Becoming a Good Muslim


This is from a work of Dr. Mahmud Esad Coşan

Today, the way to spread, cultivate and protect Islam and to have people love Islam can only be achieved through good deeds, patience, love and mercy, NOT stubbornness, fighting and war. A good Muslim is a person who has strong unquestionable faith, who consciously strives for the hereafter, by giving, being patient, merciful, forgiving, is full of love and respect, well-mannered, sweet-tongued, kind and a charitable loving person.

These unique qualities must manifest themselves on oneself when one interacts with people. Our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) once said:

“There is no goodness in a person who isolates himself, who cannot get along with anybody, who is not courteous, and who has no sense of friendship.”

Today is the time for every Muslim to have a good long look at oneself. Pay attention to one’s appearance, clothes, behavior, analyse one’s words and actions. One must avoid giving a bad impression of Islam on others.

Khwaja Garib
Moinuddin Chishti (r.a) said:

“Of all the worship that pleases Almighty Allah, the most is the granting of relief to the humble and the oppressed.”

Every Muslim must try to convey the Message of Islam, and make sure that others have good and accurate feelings about Islam. One must portray an excellent personal example, if one desires to earn the pleasure of Allah (Almighty), this is the way which will lead to success. 



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