Angel Jibreel journeying in blink of an eye

The following is taken from Ruh al-Bayan by Shaykh Ishmail Haqqi (r.a).

Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) once asked Angel Jibreel (a.s.), “Did you ever need to come from the Heavens to the Earth in an instant for any emergency?”

The angel replied, “Yes, O Rasulullah.  There were four occasions that I had to be here almost at once.  The first time was when Ibrahim (a.s) was flung into the fire.  At that moment, I was beneath the Throne when the Command was Given: ‘Jibreel, reach My friend before he touches the flames.’

The second occasion was when the knife was placed on the neck of Isma’il (a.s).  I was Commanded to turn it around so that it would not cut him.  The third was when Yusuf (a.s) was thrown into the well.  My Order was to remove a stone from inside and seat him upon it before he touched its surface.

And the fourth, O Rasulullah, was when your tooth was struck [at the Battle of Uhud].  Allah (s.w.t.) Ordered me to descend to the Earth and catch your blood before it reached the ground, Saying, ‘Jibreel, if the blood of my Beloved touches the Earth, there will be no vegetation growing out of it until the Day of Judgment.”


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