Signs of the Divine in this world


The wisdom, compassion, justice and mercy we perceive in our transient, material existence in this world are reflections of the perfect, complete and divine source from which they originate, which lies beyond the limited comprehension of our human senses. To deny that these signs have a divine origin is in fact to deny their reality even in this world. Contemplation of these signs in their worldly manifestations deepens our awareness of the nature of the Divine.

When we observe the material world in front of us, we can choose to perceive it in numerous ways. The ugliness, pain, and other apparently negative things we observe or experience do not negate the reality of beauty, compassion, justice, and mercy in the creation. These particular realities are signs that lead us on the path to the realisation that all is from Allah (swt). If there is any compassion or justice in the world, this reflects a more perfect compassion and justice that lies beyond our limited experience. To deny their divine origin is in fact to deny their existence even in this world, for if there were no existence beyond our material existence, there would be neither compassion nor justice resulting from our efforts and struggles in our brief life in this world.

This is dealt with in Qur’an 30:50:

Surah ar room


Then contemplate (O man!) the memorials of Allah’s Mercy!- how He gives life to the earth after its death: verily the same will give life to the men who are dead: for He has power over all things. 


Said Nursi states in his exegesis of this verse:

“Anyone not totally devoid of insight will understand a certainty that no wisdom can be imagined more perfect than His, no providence more beauteous than His, no compassion more comprehensive than His, and no justice more glorious than His.

For the sake of argument imagine no permanent abodes, lofty places, fixed stations, lasting residences, or resident and contented population existed in the sphere of His kingdom; and imagine the truths of His wisdom, compassion, mercy and justice had no realm in which to manifest themselves fully (for this impermanent kingdom is no place for their full manifestation). If this were the case, we would be obliged to deny the wisdom we see, to deny the compassion we observe, to deny the mercy that is in front of our eyes, and to deny the justice the signs of which are evident. This would be like denying the sun, the light of which we clearly see at midday.

We would also have to regard the One from Whom proceed all these wise measures we see, all these generous acts, all these merciful gifts, as a vile gambler or treacherous tyrant. This would be to turn truth on its head. And turning a truth into its opposite is impossible, according to the unanimous testimony of all rational beings, excepting only the sophists who deny everything.

There is, then a realm apart from the present one. In it, there is a supreme tribunal, a lofty place of justice, an exalted place of reward, where all this compassion, wisdom, mercy and justice will be made fully manifest.”

(Source: Said Nursi, 10th Word, 11th Aspect, p. 67 of The Words)


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