Partial Imperfection for Absolute Perfection in Creation

This following is an excerpt from Allameh Tabataba’i’s work on perfection in God’s kingdom.

It is true that there are imperfect things in the world; but the world itself was created in perfection.

Some people ask: ‘If an angel is more perfect than a worm, and if God could create angels without difficulty, why did He create all these worms? Why did He not create angels instead of worms?’

I answer: ‘The creation of worms was a possibility. If worms were not created, this potentiality would not become actualised. If worms were not created, the world would be imperfect; for it would lack worms.”

We should not expect worms to be angels, nor should we expect angels to be worms. God created worms and angels for different purposes, to carry out different tasks.

If only we saw things from the Geometer’s point of view, we would think everything to be beautiful. If only we read this book to the end, we would understand that every partial evil contributes to the greater Good.

Perfection would not be perfection if it did not also include imperfect things within itself.

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