Tears of Repentance on Scale [Mizan]

The following is a speech by Shaykh Zulfikhar Ahmed Naqshbandi (may Allah preserve him).

Shaykh states that a person who sheds tears in repentance, these tears are priceless in the sight of Allah (s.w.t). Once Angel Jibreel (a.s) came to the messenger of Allah  Muhammad (s.a.w) and said, “O messenger of Allah we angels weigh every act of man, but we are unable to weigh the tears of man”. The prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) asked, “O Jibreel, why?” Jibreel (a.s) replied, “Allah gives so much reward for them, that they couldn’t be weighed on the Mizan, scale”. Allahu Akbar, Allah is the greatest! One tear can extinguish seas of fire caused by one’s sins.

Shaykh continues that this can be understood logically as well. You have seen, people are willing to pay more for imported rare products. For example your wife buys a kitchen appliance for your home, and you inquire about the price. When she mentions the price, you complain of it’s expensive  price. She then justifies that it is imported and rarely comes here, it’s quality is unparalleled so I have paid more for it due to it’s scarcity. It is the thinking of people that they pay more for product which is rarely found due to it’s quality. Now realize, the realm beyond this world has angels who worship Allah (s.w.t) by bowing, prostrating, doing dhikr but they do not know how to cry tears of penitence because they are sinless creatures. Therefore a tear of  repentant  person is an imported [rare] product for the heavens. When an angel takes the tears of a repentant person to Allah, He treats it as rare and priceless  and recompenses it by writing rewards in abundance for the repentant. Indeed Allah gives it’s value in ‘Hira and Motee’ [Figure of speech for priceless].

So Allah (s.w.t) has said, “My Servants, Satan [Devil] wants to take you away from me, but you don’t go. This is a lifelong struggle between you and Satan. He will pull you towards evil, but you should go towards righteousness”


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