Sufferings are Divine Grace

Mawlana Jalal ad-Din Rumi (r.a) said, “Sufferings are Divine Grace.  As long as people feel good, they forget about the Creator.  But in times of depression and pain, they think of Him.  When the sorrow comes, the Veil of Forgetfulness is torn apart and the sufferer accepts Allah and wails, ‘O Allah, O You Who are Merciful!’  He is being Cured, but soon the Veil of Forgetfulness falls down again, and he says, ‘Where is God?  I cannot find Him.  I do not see Him.  What shall I look for?’”

Why were we able to find Him when we suffered but cannot find Him now?  So now, we see that as we suffer, Allah (s.w.t.) Makes us think of Him, Sending us depression and pain.  To consume worries means to empty oneself.  After such an emptying joy appears, a kind of joy that knows no sorrow – a rose without thorns, a wine that does not bring headaches.  It is the sorrow that guides us.  As long as there is no sorrow, no passion, or no yearning, love in a work; we will not strive for it.  Without sorrow, it remains out of our reach.

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