How to invoke God


If the person has a need let him ask his Lord for it in his prayer. Allah said about Prophet Zakariya (a.s): “The angels called out to him while he was standing in prayer in the chamber: Allah gives good tidings of the birth of Prophet Yahya (a.s)”  

All of this teaches us that when we enter the prayer and stand in front of Allah and ask him for something it will be given to us.Allah taught us by saying in Qu’ran: “You alone we worship, and from you alone we seek assistance”. A person must feel that he is standing before the king of kings when he reads al Fatiha to him or when he says to him: ” I turn myself to you, ” greetings, blessings and best of prayers to Allah”, “Transcendent is my Lord Most High”, “Transcendent is my Lord Most Great”.

A Person should feel and imagine that he is a slave in front of a king, how would he present himself before his king? how would organize himself before king? and speak correctly to king. Allah is more worthy of  being addressed in this way,when someone enters the prayer. If you were speaking to a king you would speak to him with veneration. Allah once said to Moses (a.s), teaching us about himself: ” I’m Allah, there is no God but I, so worship Me, and establish prayer from my remembrance”. If you are not in a state of remembrance you have not yet established the prayer. When you have finished with your worldly business come to Allah and establish prayer. This is why Imam al- Ghazali (r.a) narrates that one of the person of israel came to Moses (a.s) and said to him: “I want you to teach me Allah’s greatest name”. So Moses (a.s) taught him Allah’s greatest name.and the person began to pray Allah using his greatest name. Since, then seven years passed and his prayers hadn’t been answered. So he went back to Moses (a.s) and said to him: “Seven years have passed and I have been praying to Allah using that name, I don’t think you gave me Allah’s greatest name. Moses said: ” I will speak to your Lord”. Moses (a.s) said to Allah: “Your slave has been praying to You using your greatest name for seven years, why have you not answered his prayers?” Further he said, “I’m an uncharitable slave if he asked me once, I would have responded to him” Allah said to Moses (a.s): “O Moses, he calls upon Me but his heart is with his flock of sheeps. Were he to call on Me once while his heart was with Me, I would have answered his prayers”.

We know that most of our prayers are not accepted. Why? because we pray in a state of heedlessness. If someone is about to enter the prayer, he should enter with the correct etiquette. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him said) said: “Come to the prayer walking, do not rush”. He (peace and blessings be upon him) also said: “Complete the part of the prayer you missed in congregation and pray the part you catch in congregation (with the Imam).”

Prayer is the key which enables the person to approach his Lord. It allows the person to enter into the presence of his Lord and once he has entered, if he asks something from his Lord, He will give it to him. Lord says: ” If you want anything from Me, great or small, come to Me and ask for it”. Always Remember al-Fatiha “You alone we worship and from You alone we seek assistance”. Person asks assistance from his Lord and he always realizes that he is Lord’s slave. We should always supplicate and pray with a present heart. Imam al-Ayduras al-Akbar Abdullah bin Abu Bakr was asked: “What is Allah’s greatest name”? Some say it is ‘Allah’, and some say it is in ‘Ayat al Kursi’ on the other hand some say it is “There is no divinity but Allah, the Living, the Eternal”, some say it is the “letters in the beginning of the Surahs of Qur’an”. The Imam said:

” No, Allah’s greatest name is that your heart is present with Him when you are asking Him”

If the request comes from your heart, then your heart is with him and your prayer would be answered. If the prayer isn’t answered it is due to our heedlessness, and most of us are in that state.


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