God’s address to the people of Paradise

The following hadeeth is taken from ‘Mishkat al-Anwar’ of Muhyyiddin Ibn al-Arabi (May God sactify his secret). 

The Messenger of God (may God give him blessings and peace) said:
In Paradise, God, ever exalted is He, says to the people of Paradise: 
  “I am God, the One who gives lavishly, the Rich beyond need, the One who fulfills His promises perfectly, the wholly Truthful. This is My Abode, and I have let you dwell here. This is My Garden, and I have granted you complete access to it. This is My Self, and I have let you see Me. Here is My Hand which holds the dew and the rain, generously spread out over you, without ever being kept from you. And I, I gaze upon you, without ever turning My Eyes away from you. So ask Me whatever you wish and desire.
  “I have made you intimate with Myself. I am the One who is sitting with you, delighting in your company. Never more shall there be need or want, suffering or misery, weakness or old age, discontent or oppression, nor shall this ever be changed for all eternity.
  “The bounty of Eternity is your felicity. You are those who rest in security, and permanently abide in eternal existence, the ennobled, the blessed! You are the most noble lords, who have been obedient to Me and have avoided My prohibitions. So bring your needs to Me. Let Me satisfy them for you, with generosity and munificence.”

  They reply: “Our Lord, it is not this that we hoped and longed for. What we want of You is the sight of Your Generous Face for all eternity, and Your good-pleasure with us.”

  Then the High, the Supreme, the King of the kingdom, the One who gives most lavishly and generously, ever blessed and exalted is He, says to them:
  “This is My Face, which discloses Itself to you forever and ever. Rejoice, for I Myself am well-pleased with you. Enjoy! Go to your spouses, embrace them and celebrate your marriage. [Go] to your newborn [daughters] and play with them. [Go] to your chambers and enter them. Go to your gardens and stroll in them. [Go] to your mounts and ride them. [Go] to your beds and lie down upon them. [Go] to your slave-girls and concubines in the garden [of Paradise] and be intimate with them. [Go] to the gifts bestowed by your Lord and receive them. [Go] to your clothing and wear it. [Go] to your meetings and be in conversation.
  “Then rest awhile, without slumber or fear of attack, within the shelter of the shade, in peace and tranquility, in the proximity of the Majestic One. Retire to the river Kawthar, to Kafur, to the Pure Water, to Tasnim, and Salsabil and Zanjabil. Bathe there and take your delight, be blessed and may you have a good return. “Then go and be seated upon the green cushions and beautiful carpets, on raised couches in pools of shade, with trickling water and abundant fruits, unfailing and unrestricted.” 

  Then the Messenger of God (May God give him blessings and peace) recited: “Indeed the inhabitants of Paradise shall be taken up with joy on that day, they and their spouses, resting in the shade on couches. They shall have the fruits of happiness and all that they request: Peace, as a word of a Merciful Lord.”
  Then he recited this other verse: “The inhabitants of Paradise that day shall possess the better dwelling-place and the fairer resting-place.”

The chain of transmission of this hadeeth as follow:
This hadeeth is received from the Qadi Ab al-Fadl Muhammad b. Umar b. Yusuf al-Urmawi, from Abu Bakr Muhammad b. Ali b. Muhammad known as Ibn Khayyat, from Abu Sahl Mahmud b. Umar al-Ukbari, from Abu Bakr Muhammad b. al-Hasan al- Naqqash, from Abu Bakr b. al-Husayn al-Tabari al-Buzuri, from Muhammad b. Humayd al-Razi, from Salama b. Salih, from Qasim b. al-Hakam, from Salam al-Taawil, from Ghiyath b. al-Musayyab, from Abd al-Rahman b. Ghanm and Zayd b. Wahb, from aAbdallah b. Masud(the famous companions of prophet). He recounted from Ali(cousin of prophet) the Hadith of “the Stations of the Resurrection” and from the Prophet the Hadith of “God’s Address to the people of Paradise”, which we have mentioned.


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