Imam al Haramayn al Juwayni and his Speech Disorder

The teacher of Imam al Ghazali (q.s), and the great theologian of Islam, Imam al-Haramayn al-Juwayni (r.a) was one of the most eloquent of speakers of his generation to the extent that those listening to him would be greatly affected by his words. He put this blessing down to having been brought up on purely halal income. However, he was occasionally given to stuttering in his speeches. When asked about this he replied:

“Before I was born, my father used to take great care to ensure that he only provided my mother with money that he directly earned and which was as pure as possible. After I was born, he continued to be extremely cautious of all that I consumed. However one day my mother was unable to breast-feed me so I was given to a wet-nurse to be fed. It was a family that did not care where they gained their rizq. When my father found out, he made me bring the milk up. The stutter you see now is what remained with me from that milk.”


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