An example of not judging others Impatiently


The following event occurred in the lifetime of Imam Abu Haneefa (r.a), and it appears in  ‘al-Ashbah an-Nazha’ir’.

Imam Abu Haneefa (r.a.) was told by a person in the presence of his disciples, “I do not hope for gardens of paradise.  I do not have fear  of hellfire.  I do not fear Allah, exalted is he.  I have eaten the dead.  I have prayed without recitation, bowing(ruku or prostration(sujud).  I testify to that which I do not see and I love trials and tribulation.”

Imam Abu Haneefa’s (r.a.) disciples were unanimous in their opinion: “This man has a problem.”

Imam Abu Haneefa (r.a.) said, “This man hopes in Allah, not in Paradise.  He fears Allah, not the Fire.  He does not fear oppression from Allah in His Punishment.  He has eaten fish and grasshoppers.  He prays the funeral prayer.  He testifies to the Oneness of Allah.  He testifies to death and this is the truth, and he loves wealth and children; they are trial and tribulation.”

The man arose and kissed the  head  of Imam (r.a.) and said, “I testify that you are a mine of knowledge.”


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