A Master’s Deriving Benefit from One Less Accomplished

Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanavi (r.a) in his Haqiqat al Tariqa min al Sunna al- Aniqa writes following:

Umar bin al khattab (r.a) stated that the Prophet of Allah (s.a.w) said: “There will come to you one Uways ibn ‘Amir (r.a) ….. ” In the same hadith, he said, “If you can ask him to seek forgiveness for you, then do so’. This hadith appears in Sahih Muslim: 2542

In the same way that the less accomplished may benefit from those more accomplished than themselves, the more accomplished may benefit from those less accomplished than themselves. In this Hadith, ‘Umar (r.a) who was a Companion of high standing was advised to seek to benefit in a particular way from Uways al Qarni (r.a), who was of the successor generation. Similarly, a master will sometimes benefit from an aspirant, in terms of knowledge, or spiritual states, or character, or supplication. Therefore, no master should ever suppose himself superior in every respect to those around him


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